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Monday, November 8, 2010

My ScreenCast Video

For my first screencast I chose to teach how to use the Yavapai College portal. I hope you enjoy it!


My First Video on You Tube


I created my first video, yet had so many complications, I became so frustrated. I bought a headset because I dont have a microphone, can you believe it? I have web cam built in, but no microphone. I cannot make my new microphone headset work. I have tried everything...But here is my silent video anyways, untill I figure out the sound.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

My First You Tube Video


Made first video ever on You Tube and have no sound, thanks to my new headset, I cannot make my microphone work...Until I get it, no sound.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Assignments in Photosharing

Two Assignments I Will Use In My Class with Photo Sharing
October 15,2010
My first assignment, I would introduce to my class, using photo sharing, would be an assignment introducing a region in the world to research. I will chose China and will ask the class to find pics on Picasa Web to represent China. We will discuss photos and places in China and learn more about their architecture and way of life. Our class will see the easy access photo sharing is and how fun.
My second assignment, I would chose images for my class, for a creative writing project. I will chose our project to be creating a map of an important event in our life. Each student will remember a time in their life that an event made a difference, and changed their life. Photo sharing will be used to collect images that would help tell the story of their event. The class will share their map and story with the creative images that will tell the story for them.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Social Networking With Twitter

There are many social networking sites and I chose to discuss the social network site, Twitter.  It is a real time information network by people, for people, around the world, for all to know whats happening right now. Connects businesses to other businesses and to greater customer relations. It shares quick information with more personal connection. It contains evolutionary phone messaging that introduces a new public dimension. It can be used on all types of devices and web services. This open information can have a global impact, making the world a more obtainable place. It articulates a list of users who share a connection with a constructed profile with a bounded system that is viewed and traversed with other users. Many connections can be made that otherwise may never had been.
     Twitter was created on March 21, 2006 and started with 1.25 million users and now has 165 million. It's popularity soars because of social networking and micro-blogging.  It is King in targeting a well-defined audience. It is going strong and getting stronger every day.  Twitter was designed to target every audience, period.
     Facebook is a more popular competitor, having more users as members, but doesn't offer the full power design, for real time access, for a well-defined audience, like Twitter. Facebook limits who sees what message, while Twitter opens it to all.
     I would consider using Twitter, and after reading about it, I know that I will try it soon. I would be able to follow the latest fashions to global news, to viewing promoted events and streaming my electronic in-boxes. It could add value to my working life with additional marketing and enabled communication. I could keep up with events happening in celebrities life, to my friends life, to many lives. My favorite reason to join Twitter would be to globally communicate my concerns and get the feedback from those all over the world.

Haragadon 2.0 and Points to Consider

   Steve Haragon 2.0 is on social networking and he mentions six points to consider learned from social networking. Networking is the joining of people that open doors to knowing more connections, to help with jobs, or meeting friends or mates, or even to discuss information on a wider scale. I chose to discuss from Steve's points, real moderating or guiding your network and how focus is important to having a good conversation.
     Real moderating and guiding your network is having polite manners to help everyone feel comfortable and enjoy the network. It is important that all the new comers, to the site, feel at comfort with it and feel that the site is worth coming back to.   It is important to communicate appropriately and share with each contribution the importance of what they have taught to the site. It is important to let all users understand their input was appreciated and to tell them what you have learned. Sharing is caring! Networking allows you to see the connections that are usually hidden, making all connections visible. It is hard to know what connections of networks will succeed and which will not. There are so many important things to consider in networking. It is important to set boundaries so that everyone knows the extent of what content and what kind of content to add and understand clearly all that the site entails. Boundaries will help establish a good foundation to build the information upon. I feel guiding your network is for the benefit to all who try networking. Manners are everything and being considerate is essential to all communication.  Setting boundaries and guiding your network brings, facilitation and encourages, helps, supports and brings help to problems. I can't imagine how these great points would not be helpful for any type of networking.